Human Connections

We humans are social beings. We thrive on connections and have a need to belong. We need eachother to celebrate our joys and achievements and to be companioned in our losses and grief. We long to be seen and to be received in who we really are. We need eachother and a supportive community to grow. Yet many of us live in isolation, connect mainly in the virtual world or hide within themselves behind masks. Despite our innate nature to connect.

This workshop is designed to reclaim, heal and strengthen your inner capacity to connect in authentic, creative and soulful ways; to deepen your existing connections and to explore new ways of being in relationship. It is an opportunity to resource and strengthen your own circle, to be more fully present and rooted within yourself, and to learn to connect from that place. You will be given the change to move through whatever might be in the way of being more truly yourself in relationship with others.
The subtle, strong and transformative practices of Movement Medicine, together with deep enquiry and sharing are our tools for this day. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or newcomer you will leave with a toolkit of practical and subtle exercises relevant for meeting the challenges of walking your life authentically in these challenging times. 

Come and dance with us in this celebration of our human nature to connect. You have nothing to loose but your masks and your loneliness. No prior experience with Movement Medicine is needed. Only your willingness to move and explore.

This workshop will be hold in Maastricht, 5th of May 2018.  Teaching language: English.
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